Welcome! My name is Julia. My students call me Mrs. Raudenbush or Mrs. R for short. I am the founder, instructor, and chief encourager at The Unique Writer.

I teach writing and literature courses for homeschool, traditional school, and lifelong learners both individually and in small classes. For the past 20 years, we have gathered in homes, around the table, like good friends working together to build individual and community skills. As busy schedules require more flexibility than ever, I also offer my courses, workshops, and private tutoring services online. Whether in-person or online, the spirit of a supportive writing community is the foundation of all The Unique Writer’s instruction.

Every unique learner has a voice. I help them find it. Reluctant writers, struggling learners, and even writing haters are most welcome. In fact, they’re my specialty. Natural writers, confident writers, and prolific writers will also thrive here. We will hone the craft, support the process, and encourage growth. Writing is a life-long process of becoming. I’ll be here for a little while to guide your learner along the way.

My creds: NJ State-certified teacher PreK – 8th grade; BA, English literature; psychology minor

Some stuff about me: former 4th-grade teacher, contributing writer to the parenting book Cultivating Responsibility: Parenting Wisdom for Ages 9-12 (I have a whole new respect for the “with” author), homeschool workshop presenter, curriculum consultant, sometimes-blogger, children’s and youth ministry leader, encourager of weary parents, mom of 4, wife of 1, wandering hiker, meandering kayaker, karate green belt. Ki-yah!